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This advance touch pen makes wonders

Touch Pens can actually be very beneficial for smart phone and tablet users.  It provides tons of functionalities.  This advance touch pen makes wonders on how you use it.  Genius, a leading global brand in personal peripheral devices for the digital world, is proud to announce the official shipment of their latest innovation, the retractable touch pen GP-B200 and GP-B200A for iOS and Android-based smartphone devices.

What are the latest touch pen innovations?

The GP-B200 is crafted to resemble the familiar feel of using a ball pen and imitate the human finger minus the fingerprints on your devices. The feeling can be summed up by users as “Incredibly smooth, accurate, and simple as a pen.”

The Genius Pen GP-B200 is an elegantly built touch pen with a  familiar push-to-write retractable design for iOS and Android smartphone devices.  The Genius Touch Pen GP-B200 is equipped with an industry-leading special nib that eliminates the need for replacement due to wear which is the problem for other products. The retractable design ensures the pen nib is protected when not in use.
The Genius Touch Pen is also eco-friendly by having a built-in rechargeable battery which means no more need to buy hard-to-find AAAA batteries and such only for you to throw away once drained. The Genius Touch Pen with 15-minutes charge time gives you 8 hours of continuous writing. The pen design also includes a pen clip which makes it easier to secure the Touch Pen for convenience.
Handy, Easy-to-Use and Highly Compatible

Genius Touch Pen compatibility

The Genius Touch Pen GP-B200 is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphone devices. Most users find it troublesome to type with their fingers as it blocks a portion of the screen or the keyboard consumes most of the screen size. With the Genius Touch Pen and its fine nib design, it allows you to maximize screen usage, writes accurately and provides a highly responsive feel as you write, tap or swipe on the screen.

The Genius Touch Pen simulates the human finger and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge or technical experience to use it with your phone; just push and write as normal. This makes it compatible with any and all apps that you use your finger with as its operation is universally compatible.

To complement the natural pen design, the GP-B200 comes with a stylish metal body and a variety of colors available for those who want to mix and match will have that option.
Industry-leading Experience and Quality

The Genius Touch Pen GP-B200 made its debut in COMPUTEX 2016 and was highly praised for its quality, performance and convenience in the show floor. Together with the Touch Pen, Genius also announced its Eco series mouse, Smart keyboard, movie theatre speaker products during COMPUTEX. For new product information, visit the Genius website or contact local distributors.
Genius is a Taiwan-based company which accumulated research and manufacturing experience for over 30 years in the computer peripheral industry. Genius always focuses on providing convenient and easy-to-use products for everyone and will continue to do so in the future with its products.

For more information on Genius Touch Pen go to: http://global.geniusnet.com/pens

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