Is EverWing destroying your Facebook Messenger experience

Facebook suddenly introduces games in chat conversations including group chats.  People from the group or a friend can challenge you to play a game with you.  All seems fine until one game goes viral and seems to be destroying the purpose of Facenook.  Is EverWing destroying your Facebook Messenger experience and friendship?

What is Evrwing?

EverWing is the latest viral game to invade your Facebook messenger.  It is a game created by Blackstorm Labs and was released in November 2016 solely for the Instant Games platform in Facebook Messenger.

The game was not a big hit upon release but just recently around late June 2017, the increase in players and pop-up messages from EverWing became so evident in the Messenger platform.  It is a vertical scrolling shooter game much like an improve Galaga.  You are a guardian who has dragon Sidekicks and your role is to defeat hordes of Monsters and Bosses to reclaim your kingdom.

There are various modes of plays including Single Player, Boss Raid and Quests.

Do you think EverWing is destroying your Facebook Messenger Experience?

We have created this poll to ask you what is your experience of EverWing in Facebook Messenger.  Just recently I have seen new group chats being created just for the purpose of playing EverWing, and it is an automatic unauthorized new group.

Do you think it actually destroys the experience or was it okay with you.  We would also like to know your deedback and suggestions.

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