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K-Yan, is an Amazing All-in-One Device

K-Yan which means Knowledge Vehicle is perhaps one of the most amazing All-in-One device which we have encountered.  It is not only a projector but also a powerful computer, an interactive whiteboard, DVD player, internet hub, entertainment center with powerful audio device and an educational and community computer.
IL&FS Education from India is the manufacturer of K-Yan All-in-One Device.  It is developed in IT Mumbai, one of the best universities in India.  Upon testing and development it was then introduced to India and as of now there are more than 20,000 schools in  which are benefiting from the device.

It is not the first launch of this device in the Philippines but it is the launch of their newly upgraded versions which bring in more power to the device.  So how does the new K-Yan compare to its older version?
  • It has a sleeker and compact design and now comes with its own trolley bag.
  • The audio had been greatly improved with the addition of 2 more speakers to amplify the sound.
  • Luminosity of the projector greatly increased.
  • It is now running on Windows 8.1 and can be upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Screen is bigger.
  • Weight is reduced to just 6kgs.
  • Upgrade from Intel i3 to Intel i5
A web camera can be equipped in the K-Yan and projected on screen

High luminosity projector combined with a powerful computer.

What's more exciting is that early next year, K-Yan will be able to integrate and connect with your tablets and smartphones through its  built-in MDM (Mobile Device Management) Console.  This means that it can be of greater use not only to schools but also to those who need a powerful device for their training and presentations.

Imagine that through this connectivity, the student or participant can see what's being shown in the device at his own tablet.  Using his own device he can also present while it is broadcasted in all connected devices.  The technology uses something like a screen cast that is why participants can do any activity like answering exams, exercises or even assignments in their own device without even downloading the files.

With its internet and wifi connectivity learning and presentation will never be the same.  You could utilize powerful built-in tools as well as download additional apps and then use that to your advantage.  Its interactive whiteboard is truly amazing because you can project it on any screen and write on it without making any mess.

Say for example you want to demonstrate what a leaf look likes from inside out.

 or say you want to do a presentation which uses places and maps.

How much?  Well, SRP for the K-Yan is around P120,000 to P180,000.  It is not a bad deal considering that it is an All-in-One device which would make your life a lot easier.  For more information on this device you can visit

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  1. From the very first time when this device was introduced it was adopted for the meeting purposes in every office. I my office same projector has been installed to give the presentation.