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Kata Mobile Phone Review, a Risky Investment

When we first heard about Kata Mobile Phone and its feature we are pretty much impressed.  It's very affordable and compared to other smartphones with the same feature, they are relatively cheaper.  I am sure most of those who decided to buy Kata were also impressed.
Although the capacity of the phone is limited in terms of memory, storage and camera (in dark lighted situations), Kata Phones are pretty decent and if it stayed that way we would have recommended it as a good alternative phone.

However, going to the 5th month we observed the immediate deterioration of the phone.  White lines begin to appear on screen and the battery began to bloat.  We asked for possible service warranty but we also found out that you have to pay a certain amount for you to avail the warranty... weird right.

I also asked for a replacement batter but they say that there is very little to no stack for the battery of my Kata F1S.  In fact, I was not even given my free battery.  We let the phone work that way and then by the 10th month the phone is officially dead.

My friend bought the same unit, in fact she is the reson why I bought my unit.  The same thing also happened to her Kata F1s - battery bloating and white patches on the screen.  Another friend suffered a broken tablet just 4 days after buying it.

The worst experience perhaps was narrated to me by one of the owners of a restaurant that we frequent.  He told us that they bought around 11 units of the Kata Tablet and all of those broke down nearly a week after purchase.  They also have big hassles when it comes to the warranty and service procedure.

Mobile Phones and gadgets are supposed to work in good condition.  Warranty are supposed to be a way to do the customers a favor by providing decent customer support.  Kata failed in both of that but still they continue to flourish.  Should the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) do something about this?  I hope they act fast and protect consumers that are suffering because of this bad product.

Are these the online cases of problems with Kata Mobile phones?  If you are also suffering from the same burden we had endured please don't hesitate to comment on this article.


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  1. good thing i read this post, i was really enticed in getting a KATA phone i also read lots of good reviews but knowing someone i really know hindi na ako bumili mag ASUS ka nalang

    1. This review is based on experience. I really love Kata during the first months but it will slowly deteriorate and you will hate it. Their customer support is really very inadequate. Plus quality is really low.