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How to make affordable computing possible

How do you define affordable computing?  How do you make computing affordable for your office, or for your school or for a retail store?  Let's say you have 100 employees who need to access programs like MS Office, connect online, send e-mails or browse the internet, does that mean you need to get 100 desktops or laptops as well?
Desktops and laptops had become so powerful surpassing the actual needs of regular users.  Employees for example usually need very low resources for a computer and usually uses just 4-10% of the actual computer's capacity.  Where does the excess resources go?  Well, wasted of course.

So for 100 employees using 100 computers that means 9,000% of resources will be wasted and no one will be using that.  This means waste of maintenance, power and cost for the company.  It is a cost which directly goes to expenses.  How can you tap on those wasted resources?

Analyzing this factor it means that a typical computer can actually serve 6-10 people using normal requirements.  If that is the case why buy 100 computers when only 10 computers will do in that setup?

Each computer unit uses 100watts at the minimum, so that's 10,000 watts of power consumption against just 1,000 watts of consumption. It will also equate to lesser wastage, lesser heat and lesser maintenance cost.  Is there a way to do it?

This is where we are so surprised with NComputing.  It is a thin-client product and can also be regarded as a zero-client since it does not need any Operating System and software running on its device.  A single device, for example it's new L350 series can be used to give computing capabilities to 6-10 persons connected to one server.

A typical deployment for 30 stations would cost almost $250,000 including all the preipherals needed compared to deployment from NComputing which can only cost around $75,000.  Plus each NComputing peripheral only needs up to 5 Watts to run that means you save 95watts per unit.

NComputing currently has more than 5,000,000 deployments worldwide with about more than 300,000 units deployed in the Philippines and nearly 262,000 units deployed for educational purposes at the Department of Education.

This is the power that is making computer labs affordable for public schools in the Philippines and it can also be the power that will make computing affordable for your business, your hospital and even for private school.
1 Server for 7 users setup at DepEd Labs

NComputing is an amazing technology that is not affected even by obsolescence.  For more info about NComputing you can contact Vinea Distribution, Inc.

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