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Send a "Secret SMS" to anyone via Veems for Free

Sometimes all you need is a way to anonymously tell someone about how you feel.  Filipinos are relatively non confrontational and sometimes we would just keep silent rather than resolve the issue.  Veems now allows you to send a "Secret SMS" for free to anyone.

Veems is a new social app which is gaining popularity recently.  It first launched as an app for bloggers to send direct updates to their followers and now it opens up a feature that had never been done before.  Tell someone that you love her or just rant out about something that you don't like and let your feeling be released.

The "Secret SMS" feature on Veems allows users to send free anonymous SMS to anyone in their phone contact list even if they are not yet on Veems.  Will it be prone to abuse?  Well, the good thing is users can only send preloaded messages.

These preloaded messages are categorized according to your most common emotions like miss, regret and love.  If you have a crush on someone at work you can just send, "I can't wait to see you at work." or maybe "You inspire me."

Once your intended recipient receives the SMS they will see a portion of the message. When they click the link, they will see the entire message and will have the option to download Veems in order for them to guess who sent the message.

Social media is indeed becoming more personal and interactive and the Veems team hopes that this is just a first step to allow people to discuss their feelings.  Letting someone know how we feel anonymously can be a liberating feeling.

How to Send Anonymous SMS via Veems
I-send mo na ang hugot sa text. Okay lang. Di niya malalaman na galing sa 'yo. ;) Panoorin ang video on how to send one! #SecretSMS *Feature available only in da Pilipins.
Posted by Veems on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Download Veems and start sending those Secret SMS.

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