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Acer launches Predator products

Acer launches its newest lineup of products - ACER PREDATOR.  Predator 15 and Predator 17 gaming laptops, Predator X34 gaming monitors, Predator G3 and Predator G1 gaming dekstops, Predator Z650 gaming projector and Predator 8 gaming Tablet.
Acer Predator Partners (left to right): Jerome Matti, NVIDIA Consumer Sales Manager; Steven J. Funcke, Predator Marketing Manager; Calum Chisholm, Country Manager, Intel Philippines; and  Miguel Molina, Principal Product Manager of the XSplit applications.  Not in photo is Joseph Calimon, CoolerMaster Channel Manager.

Predator 6, a gaming smartphone was put on hiold says Steven Funcke, Predator Marketing Manager of Acer Inc.’s Global Marketing and Branding department.  The product was previously launched in April 2016 in the Philippines.

Predator 15 and Predator 17 Gaming Laptops

The newest gaming laptop from Acer boosts a strong partnership with Intel, Nvidia CoolerMaster, and XSplit to bring something very competitive in the market.  This gaming laptop is equipped with the latest 6th generation Intel i7 processor with an Nvidia GeForce 980M build on an absolute cool environment through CoolerMaster.

It is also a gaming powerhouse, at 15-inch screen size equipped with Killer Double Shot pro it allows you to see your game clearly and prioritize bandwidth.  Keyboard are also highly programmable and ergonomically made for gamers.

Predator 15 is priced at Php69,999 for the first 100 buyers.  It also comes with a 6-month free XSplit Gamecaster license which can also be used for the producer version.

Predator G3 and G1 Gaming Desktops

A brand new pure gaming desktop from Acer which comes in two models, the Predator G3 and the Predator G1.  This is also powered by Sound Blaster Cinema 2 which gives it a powerful sound and feel.

Predator G3 with Predator X34 Gaming Monitor

It also has a powerhouse specs with Windows 10 Home Edition, NVidia GeForce GTX video card, with up to 64Gb DDR4 dual-channel 2133 Mhz SDRam.  Also powered by Kille Double Shot Pro, huge capacity with either a 3Tb or 4Tb hard drive.

This one is priced at P59,999, which is very competitive compared to other gaming desktops.  We highly recommend this one.

Predator X34 Gaming Monitor

The Predator X34 is the first ever curved gaming monitor in the world.  This monitor is powered by NVidia GSynch which matches the refresh rate of your Acer Predator laptop and desktop series.  It has 2 7w DTS sound speakers.

SRP is P64,990.

Predator Z650 Gaming Projector

Probably the first ever gaming projector in the market with a short throw capability.  Enjoy large projection with the equipment close to the screen.  It is also equipped with powerful speakers which makes it ideal not only for gaming but for other functionalities as well.  

SRP is P78,990.

Predator 8 Gaming Tablet

The first of its kind in the market, the Predator 8 Tablet will surely be an eye catching model for everyone.  From P17,990, the price is now down to P12,990.  It has 4 speakers in Dolby surround sound with a built-in digital microphone.  

Predator 8 is powered by an Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor with up to 2.4Ghz running Android 5.1 Lollipop.  It has 2Gb of LPDDR3 memory which makes it relatively faster than all other tablets in the market.  It has an 8-inch screen with Full HD capacity.  It has an MMC card slot of up to 32Gb.

Acer Predator Series overview

Acer is entering the gaming market and E-Sports community with a blast.  These product lines are indeed very competitive.  We have doubts however with the ability to sell of the gaming projector and the gaming monitor.  A gaming projector is not a necessity when it comes to gaming, as well as a monitor but who knows right?

Prices are very competitive for all of the Acer Predator gaming series, except once again for the monitor and projector. 

What do you think of the Acer Predator series from Acer?  Would you buy them?  Share us your views.

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  1. Wow. Great article. Cant wait to get my hand to one of these bad boys)

  2. It has been not less than a sensation for gamers to use this type of laptop for their gaming purpose. I was really excited for the first time when I had the chance to see this laptop.