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iflix Review - Is it Worthwhile to Sign up?

Everyone would have seen by now the tremendous advertisements that iflix is investing in across various online media channels.  They are promising to give you downloadable movies, TV series, anime and more using all of your devices including PC and mobile.

Would you be willing to pay for your movies and videos online?  We have tried iflix in its free trial and we have this iflix review for you.

Stream Quality

iflix automates the quality of your video stream and that's what makes it a good one.  If you are using a relatively slow internet the quality will of course be lower but if you have a good internet connection it will be in Full HD.

Stream Collections

Collections in iflix is still limited for now.  This is understandable since they have to pay for the license of each title that they are going to stream.  Anime titles at the most are very limited, I hope to see more titles in the future.  If you are looking for Pinoy movies, it is also very limited.

My suggestion is for iflix to add more and partner with studies and television channels to get more content.

iflix Pricing

P129 per month with a one month free trial is not bad.  You can argue that there are tons of sites which offers more collections that iflix but these sites are offering pirated content.  When we watch pirated content it makes us liable under the law and prevents producers of the titles to earn from them.

iflix provides original content at a very affordable price, it's even below P5 a day.  We recommend that you sign-up for iflix now and get your free trial

Overall Rating

iflix is relatively new in the Philippines and they need to add more titles into their collections.  For now I am giving them 7.5/10.  This is a very promising service and we are hoping that more people will use it.

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