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How to increase Google Adsense clicks and avoid losing your Adsense account

How do you increase your Google Adsense clicks while avoiding losing your Adsence account?  Here are some tips and overview on these 2 crucial topics that most bloggers are so worried about.  Would increasing your pageviews and actually getting traffic from link exchange and comment exchange actually help?  Let's find out...

I am one of those who lost my Google Adsense account before together with US$400 in earnings which I was not able to get.  I tried to appeal to Google but to no avail.  I had a hard time applying for Google Adsense again since their system had change and there had been more things to do.

How do you increase Google Adsense clicks?

  1. Write lots of unique and interesting content.  The best way to actually increase your Google Adsense clicks is to write engaging and unique content.  There are more people who will view your ads thus increasing the possibility of them clicking on the Ad.  When we say unique and interesting content it should be something that ads value to your blog readers and something that you have not copied on another site.
  2. Use Google responsive ads.  Instead of using static Google ad blocks try using responsive ads.  These ads appear on mobile browsers thus increasing the number of people that will see your ads.  Do not limit your adsense to just PC users increase your reach because more people are now actually browsing through their mobile phones.
  3. Place the ads on the top fold of your site.  If you want people to see your ads then put them on the top fold of your site.  Ads that are place too deep or on the footer will get a lower chance to get clicked since most users will no longer scroll down to the bottom of your site.
  4. Read Google's performance suggestion.  Occasionally Google Adsense Team will send you an e-mail telling you how your ads can perform better.  Read them carefully and try to implement them if possible.  These will help you get more ad clicks.
  5. Search for best practices online.  Try to search for other help and best practices online on how you can increase Google Adsense clicks.  Study them well and if you think you can use them then follow their advice.  Remember that not all advice are really legal so try to consult with Google policies first.

How to avoid losing your Google Adsense Account?

  1. Never ever click on your ads.  I know you might be tempted to go to an internet cafe and try to click on your own ads to increase your earnings.  Be very careful when doing that because Google might discover it and you might end up in trouble.
  2. Follow the Google policies.  Always follow the Google policies.  Do not post articles that promote violence, nudity, gambling and any other topics which is generally for adult.  Do this and you will be safe.
  3. Do not force people to click on your ads.  Avoid putting ads on a pop-up where visitors need to cluck the ad in order to visit your site.  Learn a lesson from a 19-year old who lost more than US$40,000 in Adsense revenue.
  4. Make your photos viewer friendly.  Always make your photos viewer friendly.  Any profanity or adult oriented photos may get you in trouble.
Although Google Adsense revenue might have declined nowadays due to the number of sites using them it is still one of the top source of revenue for online sites and writers.  Google Adsense is a big thing for bloggers as well who wants to start earning online.

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  1. I am looking solution which can detect ad blocker extension because day to day my Adsense earning decrease.. If you know any good plugin which can do for me please suggest..
    Deep Web

    1. I do not think the ad blockers can block Google Ads. Can you be specific on this problem. Thanks.