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Ingress Philippines Game Review: Enlightened vs Resistance

If you think Pokemon Go is the first augmented reality game produced by Niantic Labs then you might be missing the experience.  Before recruiting Pikachu, Squirtle and other creatures they produced a game which puts the future of humanity at hand - INGRESS.  Ingress is a game which talks about XMP, an extra ordinary matter that leaks on our planet. Now here is our Ingress Philippines game review.

Ingress puts 2 faction facing one another - the Enlightened and the Resistance.  The Enlightened are those that want to use exotic matter for the benefit of humanity while the Resistance are those who want to maintain the existence of humanity and obstruct evolution.

Each player are called "Agents" and you are tasked to take and defend various portals.  "Portals" are real world elements in which exotic matter is emitting.  These portals are commonly monuments, works of art, or other areas of interest.

Enlightened portals are in green while those in Blue are controlled by the Resistance.  Gray portals are unclaimed.

The task of an agent is to "hack" a portal in order to obtain various items which includes resonators, XMP busters, portal key and defenses.  Besides hacking a portal you can also attack an enemy portal until it becomes greay and you have the ability to install your own resonators.

Note that portals you own can decay so you need to visit them in order to recharge them.  You can also recharge them remotely using portal keys.  If portals lose their energy they will decay and become unclaimed once again.

There are various levels of materials which corresponds to agent levels as well.  Agents and materials ranges from the lowest level or Level 1 and the highest which is Level 8.  The higher the level the stronger the agent and the harder the portal to hack and attack.

 Here are some of the Ingress game items that would be beneficial to you as an agent:
An XMP Buster which is the basic weapon in attacking a portal
A resonator which is a basic tool to defend and occupy a portal

How common are Ingress Portals?

This is the Carousel located at SM City Baliwag and it is also a portal for the augmented reality game Ingress

Ingress portals are very common.  In fact during a test run on a trip along EDSA in Manila via MRT and then via bus, I have hacked a total of 41 portals.  There are tons of portals across EDSA corresponding to MRT stations, bus terminals, works of arts, churches and more.

In fact if you would try to walk along EDSA you can hack more than a hundred portals.  There are also tons of missions available specially along the area of Shaw and Ortigas.  Hacking allows you to get valuable items which you can use to power up your allies' portal or your own portals.

Positive side of Ingress

Unlike Pokemon Go, Ingress does not let you be defocused while walking randomly on the road.  Ingress has specific location and portals.  These locations and portals are historical sites and things with value of importance.  The aim of Ingress just like the newest game of Niantic, "Field Trip" is to promote education and appreciation.

Promotion of Tourism.  Ingress promotes tourism and this is explicitly indicated.  The target of its various missions is for agents to explore an area and discover new things in that area. If there are certain places were there are few agents, Ingress finds a way to increase visits and promote tourism.

Educational and Cultural Relevance.  Since Ingress places portals at historically significant areas and other work of arts, it nurtures education of agents.  In return it allows for the cultural appreciation of agents who will be visiting this places.  The game is not only a game it is something which subconciously educates us all.

Promotes Travel.  Unlike Pokemon Go which you might say that it promotes travel, this one really promotes travel.  It gives everyone the idea of where to go and what are the places worth visiting.  When someone goes to that place to hack a portal the relevance of the place will also come into place, hence you are not only playing but also having a worthwhile travel experience.

Downside of Ingress

Since Ingress is an augmented reality game which relies on both your internet connecttion and GPS there can be some downside to the game.

Inaccurate GPS location.  Your GPS location and the corresponding portal location can be a bit confusing.  For example when standing actually near a portal in your scanner you can appear to be far from it.  The technique is actually to walk around until the portal is within your reach.

Internet Speed.  Note that Ingress may not work on slow internet connection.  If you are on mobile data it will work best on H and H+ connection.  It might not work on 3G connection as well.  If you plan to hack near areas with lots of portal it is best to connect via Wifi.

Overall Rating of Ingress

Niantic Labs is making a remarkable and good approach to augmented reality.  The Pokemon Company asked Niantic to develop Pokemon Go because of their pioneering experience in the industry.  If you will examine closely the game, Niantic maintains placing of key Pokemon Stops at historical places and areas of key interests.  This idea is one that is derived from Ingress.

I would give Ingress an overall game rating of 8/10.  It is a game which both appeals to the casual gamer and those who have a passion for games of intellect.  We highly recommend that you try out the game.

If you want to join the game just send as message at and give us your e-mail.  We will be sending you a game recruit.

Anyone here playing Ingress as well?  Share your experience at the comments below.

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