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Is 199Jobs website making a mockery of writers?

I have signed up for 199Jobs, a website which allows you to sell articles to those who are looking for people to write for them.  If you look at the jobs postings they are offering really good and long writing offers.  Most of them are 400 to 500 words at Php199 only.  I had been thinking, is this how cheap writing is?

Writing is not easy

Contrary to what some people would think, writing is not an easy task.  It involves time, research and concentration.  It is pure skill and ability and to say that a very long article would only cost about Php200 seems to be a mockery of this skill.

Imagine 199Jobs allows you to sell writing jobs and then gets 20% of that or about Php40 as a commission.  If you look into this the one that really benefits from this is the website itself.  If you have 100 writers doing 1 article per day then you earn Php4,000 a day or a whooping Php120,000 a month - without doing anything.

Why are articles cheap online?

I cannot really understand the point why there are articles selling for US$1 a piece or just around Php50.  These are full blown unique articles which are indeed decent and long.  Imagine someone who exerts all the effort to come up with a good article and that person is only paid a dollar?  Where is justice in that?

Do you agree that your writing output is as cheap as that?  Do you think the price of 199Jobs is fair?  Well, I might be wrong so enlighten me.

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  1. I am not a writer but I do have a gig in 199jobs. I made some money out of it. If you sell a lot of services, then I think you can get a fair amount of money.

    Read my review here.

    1. I understand your opinion but still being paid Php150 as you have said in your blog for a unique article is just very cheap. I believe that writers deserves a lot higher than this. I can write an online article for as low as Php300 but not at Php150 unless it is for a friend.