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Pokemon Go Advantages and Disadvantages

Pokemon Go is now available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  The game allows players to catch Pokemons in the "real world" via augmented reality.  It uses your mobile phones GPS, camera and internet access.  It's a great game but do you know of Pokemon Go's advantages and disadvantages?

Pokemon Go Advantages

  • The game promotes game creativity and innovation.  It is paving the way for a new era of games that integrates reality and the gaming world.  Do not be surprised if something like Sword Art Online becomes available for download soon.
  • Promotes travel.  Since Pokemon Go lets you catch Pokemon in various places, it will make you search for them.  There are certain areas as well which contains rare Pokemon and by that you might find yourself travelling to place you have never been before - perhaps even to the mouth of an active volcano.
  • It allows social interaction.  Since Pokemon Go also allows players to battle each other and trade as well.  There is also a feature were players can form teams and then challenge gym leaders.  

Pokemon Go Disadvantages

  • Uses extreme battery power.  Playing Pokemon Go might drain your battery at a faster rate.  The game uses multiple functions of your phone which demands higher battery level.  We recommend that you bring with you a power bank in case you will play it intensively.
  • Safety concerns.  Playing Pokemon Go might be life threatening.  During its release date in July 6 it was reported that someone stumbled a dead body floating in a river while miltiple people also suffered from minor injuries while playing the game.
  • Lose of focus.  This game can make you lose focus on important things.  It will bring your attention to something which is exciting and that is catching rare Pokemon.  It can even affect work specially if you see Pokemon that you badly needed.
  • Addicting.  I am assuring this.  Pokemon Go will be very addicting that most of the people you will meet on the street will be a Pokemon Trainor.  This game would surpass the 7 million gamers already registered by another Nianic game called Ingress.

What do we do now with Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go hits the American App Store's "Top Grossing" and "Free" charts in just 24 hours.  It was so popular that servers and release in other countries had to be delayed for quite some time or even longer due to its positive reception.  The game was also given an immediate 9/10 score of Pocket Gamer.

So how do we outplay the disadvantages of Pokemon Go so that people can really enjoy it?  One solution is actually already in the development.  In order to allow trainers to know if there is a pokemon nearby without looking at your phone, you can but Pokemon Go Plus.  It is an optional wearable device that connects via Bluetooth.  Well, the sad thing again is that it will also add up to draining your battery.

As I join the other anticipating players from those blocked to play the game, I would like to hear your thoughts.  What do you think of Pokemon Go?  It is good or bad?  Share us your thoughts.

My Pokemon Go experience hangs in the balance

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