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Have you heard of the Pokemon Go Pokeball Charger?

Despite the many disadvantages of playing Pokemon Go, enthusiasts are really giving it their all.  In fact there were already news that high level accounts are already being sold for tons of dollars.  Anyway, today we will introduce you to a cute innovation - the Pokemon Go Pokeball Charger.
I hear about this gadget from our dear friend Lorelei Hutchings in the United States.  Danielle Baskin created this very unique item which can be a lot of help to Pokemon Trainers out there.  There Pokemon Go Pokeball Charger is powered with very strong batteries at 5300mAh.  It can charge the usual smartphone twice.

As we all know Pokemon Go drains tons of power from your phone since it uses GPS, date connection and your camera.  With the Pokeball Charger your problem is solved.  According to Danielle, she sold it out on the streets to players and it was instantly sold out.

"I sold out, but I'm planning to make more of these by Wednesday. They're rechargeable and have a clasp to attach to a bag or belt loop."

Wow!  That is simply amazing right?

Specifications of the Pokemon Go Pokeball Charger

The power of the charger is 5300mAh and 2.1 amps,  It has a LED indicator (blue for charging and red for battery charging_.  Once you are fully charged it will turn blue.  It comes also with a universal micro USB to recharge the battery.

This item is hand crafted which makes it more unique.  The interior of the plastic shell is hand-painter and carved with a Dremel.   The battery fits inside the vinyl-sealed Pokeball.  Each of these Pokeball Chargers are crafted in Danielle's San Fracisco studio.

How to order the Pokemon Go Pokeball Charger

For thoe who would like to order please go to her ETSY PAGE. You can also pick them up from her in The Mission at hery studio.  

Pokemon Go Pokeball Charger is available at PHP 1,941.75.

Got to catch them all and gotta charge that phone!

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