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What is the Worst Internet Connection in the Philippines?

I know everyone has their own story on what is the worst internet connection in the Philippines but this one is a personal story - something very irritating.  PLDT Home Bro Ultera is probably your worst internet connection ever in the Philippines.  PLDT continues to deceive its subscribers by promising high bandwidth internet connection that has hidden caps and rules.

About a year ago PLDT forced Smart Bro subscribers to "UPGRADE" to a better internet connection service.  They called this supposed to be upgrade as the PLDT HOME BRO ULTERA.  Existing subscribers will get the upgrade for free plus a brand new Bluewave Tablet.

Those who have no idea what Ultera and have not read the Terms of Service Agreement will be fooled by these deceiving salesmen.  They will go to subscribers home tell them that the Smart Bro will be phased out and they should upgrade to a better service.  They would come whe you are not in your home and convince those you left behind to agree to them.

What's bad with PLDT Home Bro Ultera anyway?

First and foremost compared to Smart bro, Ultera has a cap on your data.  That means your previous unlimited access will not ve "very" limited.  I think they have a cap of 10Gb a month which equates to about 330+Mb a day.  Goobye to watching videos and movies and playing online games for you.

Once you reach your cap you will suffer from intermittend connection.  You cannot even upload a single photo because you will get disconnected.

I would say the connection is really fast.  Take a look at this speed test results.  It's almost 5Mbps but the speed test was not completed since the connection got disconnected.  A disconnection rate of once every 5 minutes.

You will also not be allowed to upgrade nor change your plan becausse you are locked out from 24 months to 36 months.  You will also be asked to pay for the crappy tablet which they say is a "reward".

This is how bad PLDT resorts in order to sell their useless and deceiving internet connection.  Even their service agreement forces you to agree that their minimum offered speed is 256Kbps and that they will not be held liable if your connection is faulty.  A full blown bull shit.

Consumers suffering for decades

Why is the government even allowing this kind of deceit?  Why does PLDT, Smart and even other telecom providers be allowed to deceive the public and deliver a sub standard internet service.

Now, Home Bro Ulterra is offering their previous Php1,299 plan for only Php699 and it is even at a faster speed than those that upgrade.  The previous users suffers from a higher fee anda  lower speed.  Where's justice in that?

Calling the attention of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).  When will you take action against these telcos?  The public had been suffering for years.

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