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Dragon Nest to venture into Virtual Reality and more

Popular and very successful online MMORPG game Dragon Nest confirms that they are looking into the possibility of bring VR into the game.  The developers of the game who visited the Philippines during DN Fiesta is in fact studying the option.  What would virtual reality bring to Dragon Nest?

VR will surely be a welcome development for most Dragon Nest players.  Imagine the feeling of being inside the game and being the character itself.  Experience a thrilling battle inside the dungeons or battle one of the legendary dragons.

Although VR is an option that we might see soon in the game, the developers are ruling it out at the moment.  The Dragon Nest VR is not in the focus at the moment but it might be in the future.  What do you think of this game possibility as a player?

What's next for Dragon Nest besides Virtual Reality?

During the open forum with DN developers from Eyedentity Games they answered several questions from players.  Among the upcoming developments in the game which they confirmed are as follows:
  • A new male class to be released soon.
  • Possibility of class rebirth system after level 100.
  • Rebalancing of the character classes during level 93 cap.
  • Strengthening of Drak Avenger and Silver Hunter in nests.
  • Remaking of the PvP Ladder System.
  • Rebalancing of PvP.
Besides the above updates the developers are also focusing on optimizing the game and reducing game lag.

They wull also look into the ice bomb and ice mask bug wherein the frostbite of these skills had been removed.

A Better PvP System

Many players seems to have second thoughts about really going into the Colosseum and entering a PvP Battle.  The current system seems to allow random match of players.  In the coming months you will see a remake of the system wherein classes of the same level and rank will be matched together.  Newbies will be match against newbies and the higher levels will be matched with the higher levels.

Dragon Nest Fiesta at Fisher Mall, Quezon City PH
What's next after the Ice Dragon?

DN developers did not give a definite answer as to the next dragon.  They are saying that there are still a lot of things to do and lots of stories to tell.  Players need not worry about the next dragon yet since the excitement to the game is still getting better. 

Our Opinion on Dragon Nest Virtual Reality and the new male class

We are very excited if indeed virtual reality will be added to Dragon Nest.  I just hope that it is sooner than we really expect it to be.  VR will bring a lot of excitement and fun to the game.

As for the new male character class, I am hoping that it would be something like a "DRUID" type class.  It should be someone that could control nature and animals.  This would be a great addition since it is something that would be unique with the other classes.

I hope that we helped you with these updates.  Share with us what you think and what are your suggested updates to the game as well.

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Thanks for reading.

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