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What do you think of NO MANS SKY new game?

Have you played "No Man's Sky"?  Well if you have not then we are event but if you have then I envy you.  This game seems to be really exciting and I really want to review and have this game.  It is a game where infinite universes exist together with random fauna and fauna.  Wow!  That is simply amazing right?

I remember games way back 1998 in this game.  There seems to be a similar game which I forgot the title about space exploration and developing technology.  No Man's Sky however is a bit different.  In the game you are a planetary explorer called as the "Traveller".  You will start on a random planet and will be equipped with survival exosuit with a jetpackm a multitool that can be used to scan mine and collect resources as well as to attack or depend onself from creatures and other entities.

Your fist goal is to repair a crashed spacecraft and then take-off from your planet and travel between stars.  The game offers four principal activities - exploration, survival, combat and trading.

Development and Reception of No Man's Sky

The game is tagged as a first-person, open world survival game.  There is much hype prior to its release with many players, including me, excited about it.  No Man's Sky is officially released this August 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

According to the developers there are over 18 quintillion planets in the game with their unique sets of flora and fauna.  If a player founds a new planet, they submit it to the Atlas and they can name it as their own.  The database can be shared with other players of the game and planet coordinates can be exchanged as well.

Despite its successful release there are various concerns about the game.  To address various issues the developers offers immediate patches to the game.  Among the issues raised were poor graphics rendering, inability to meet and do multi-player, game exploits and more.

What is interesting about No Man's Sky?

The game is very interesting since it is very unique.  Imagine yourself as an explorer and allowed to travel the universe.  You can upgrade your players equipment and purchase a variety of starships by gathering resources from the planet and materials as well. 

Note, however that unlike here on Earth, in the game when you kill too many lifeforms or drain too many resources, you will be in the hunt list of robotic sentinels that will attempt to kill you.  Well, this is just a tool to protect the planet right.

The game developer, Hello Games, is also looking at extending game play by allowing downloadable content and supporting VR capability in the future.

Where to download No Man's Sky?

You can purchase the game from any accredited PC gaming stores nationwide.  You can also buy it via Steam at this link

For the latest information about the game you can visit the game's official website at

Have you played the game?  Please share us your reviews and feedback.

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