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New Final Fantasy XV game

If you are excited about Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive in theaters then you should be excited with this one as well.  Square Enix is releasing a new Final Fantasy game in Playstation and this one continues the plot of the movie - Final Fantasy XV.

In the game, the son and heir to the throne of King Regis must reclaim the kingdom.  He is a reluctant heir and some of the characters we will see in the movie will help him out.  They are supposed to be the Kingsglaive. (Watch details about Final Fantasy XV movie here)

Watch the game trailers below and see for yourself why we are also very excited with Final Fantasy XV.

The gameplay seems to be very promising.  The battle is also astounding and exciting as well as the enemies.  I had not played Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy IX because I lost interest in the storyline but this one seems to be exciting me once again.

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay and Release

The game will have a worldwide release on November 29, 2016.  It is a game specifically for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  Final Fantasy XV will have a major departure from previous games since it has a darker atmosphere and has a more realistic environment and human characters.

The story will focus on the character of Noctis Lucis Caelum, Lucian heir to the throne.  His goal is to reclaim his homeland after the empire of Niflheim stole the magical crystal on the eve of peace negotiation.

Final Fantasy XV will have an open world environment and an action-based battle system.  This system is vary similar to that of Kingdom Hearts and Type-O.  You will have the ability to switch weapons and other elements including vehicle travel and camping..

Are you excited to play Final Fantasy XV?  What are you most excited about the game?

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