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Open Mobile Media survey reveals future of mobile

The recent Open Mobile Media Survey results reveals that there is growing prospects in the mobile industry particularly in the field of marketing.  In July 2016, over 700 senior mobile experts from a variety of verticals were surveyed.  Most of them were from B2C brands, technology providers and marketing agencies with backgrounds on mobile marketing, payments and analytics.  The results speaks a lot about what we should expect in the future of mobile.

 Respondents to the survey were asked about what technologies are impacting their business, what are their concerns and what opportunities they have spotted.  These survey gives you an insight into what the mobile world is thinking and planning.

Mobile Payments and Banking leads growth

Mobile payments and banking are leading the pack with the biggest prospect for growth.  This was immediately followed by mobile streaming or connected TV and smart home.  Connectivity is key to the mobile industry that is why connected car, connected retail and connected enterprise is also among the top areas of interest. Smart cities and wearables are the lowest among all the areas which businesses in the mobile industry are seeing potential growth.

Retention in focus

The mobile industry is moving from acquiring new users to retaining their existing clients.  Considering the increase in competition, companies who have gained a fair market share will focus more in making sure these clients are happy

85% of respondents have a focus on existing users as the industry moves from prospecting towards retention

The future of mobile

Mobile products will continue to be in development with a greater focus of businesses in developing mobile apps.  Meanwhile social media networks and the mobile web will also play a significant goal.  In fact, if we will notice Google is focusing on encouraging all website to be mobile friendly and if they are, they will be rewarded with a boost in search engine ranking.

Mobile product has, for a long time, been synonymous with mobile apps. What’s clear now is that apps, while they may not be going anywhere in a hurry, will increasingly be one part among many of a broader patchwork of mobile engagement platforms.
Mobile products for wearable platforms will continue to be scarce.  There are only a few companies who are looking to develop more products for them.  Interest in wearables is still in its infancy and the prospect for growth is not seen in the near future.

Future of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is still in its infancy as well and there are lots of things to develop and improve.  Most companies are looking at an increase in their mobile advertising.  More than 80% of the respondents are seeing an increase in their budget for mobile advertising.

The increase in the focus on mobile advertising is due to company objectives which includes:
  • increasing brand awareness
  • increasing engagement
  • driving more sales
  • customer relationship marketing
  • supporting specific promotions

Mobile will continue to be very lucrative for both those who provide services and products related to this and those who use them.  Advertising will increasingly be focused towards the online medium particularly across the mobile channel.

If you want to read the full survey result you can download the pdf file at

What do you think?  Do you think mobile marketing is indeed the way of the future?

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