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Acer brings Virtual Reality (VR) closer to home

Virtual Reality (VR) is indeed coming to us faster than expected.  Acer through its partnership with Starbreeze and IMax is bringing everyone closer to VR through gaming and the movies.  In fact within the next 2 years we will see the availability of movie VR experience while gaming is actually happening now.

StarVR, the virtual reality gaming equipment developed by Acer and Starbreeze is actually shopping already.  Unlike its other competitors this system is developed by Starbreeze which is the pioneers in interactive entertainment, gaming and virtual reality.

Bo Andersson, CEO of Starbreeze is excited about their partnership with Acer since it does not only bring virtual reality to gaming and home entertainment but also to cinemas.  They are also looking at its usage and productivity for enterprise use.

More about the details of this partnership and STAR VR in the video below.

Virtual Reality movies

Rob Lister, Chief Business Development Officer of Imax confirms that they are bringing virtual reality to IMAX.  They will be using a technology developed by Google in order to capture VR cinematic short movies at first and partner with directors and production outfits.  IMAX will then construct VR experience hubs close to existing IMAX cinemas or at remote locations.

What IMAX visualizes is  extending the movie experience into something which the audience can interact with.  It is an extension of the movie rather than capturing part of the movie and bringing it into VR.

These virtual reality movie experience will be available on new location-based distribution platforms and hubs.  It will be located in multiplexes, malls and free-standing locations.  IMAX confirms that theyr VR platform will be developed together with Acer, Google and Starbreeze.

Six IMAX VR Centers will be launched this year with the very first being in Los Angeles.   VR center in Los Angeles will be equipped with a new StarVR headset developed by Acer.

If you have not imagined it yet look at this video directly from the launching of the new StarVR and IMAX experience in Belin, Germany.

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