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Introducing 528Gb and 1Tb SD Cards

Ladies and gentlemen, it's official there are now 528Gb SD cards and 1Tb SD cards courtesy of SanDisk.  This is definitely something that film makers, photographers and other people who desperately need a mobile drive would like to own.  But the thing is are you ready to know some things that might just turn you off?

It's definitely expensive

After announcing the 528Gb a few years ago at Photokina, SanDisk has officially released this SDXC Card.  The card is released together with lower capacity disks of 256Gb and 128Gb in size.  Do you know how much this SD card drive cost?

Here goes... US$800!  Wow!  That is simply more expensive than some pro cameras already.  Are you willing to buy this one.  Well, for sure some would say, yes but definitely some would wait until other manufacturers also release their own.

The 256Gb and 128Gb SanDisk SD cards are priced at US$400 and US$200 respectively.

What about the SanDisk 1Tb SD Card?

This newest high capacity SD Card was announced during Photokina 2016.  Since it is newly announced it will not come into the commercial market for a few years.  The 1TB SD card is still in its prototype stage and might be available within 1-2 years.

Judging from the prices of other SanDisk high capacity drives we are speculating that this one might be priced at US$1,600.  Now, what can you buy for that amount of money?  Are you ready to invest that much for an SD card?

Reference:  Gizmodo

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