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Mystic Messenger Game Review

Mystic Messenger is an Otome Game that is created by Korean game developer, Cheritz.  In just 2.5 months it gained popularity and is reaching the 1 million download mark at Google Play.  The game had been released as a free to play game with some optional in-app purchase of items like hour glasses.  However, on September 21, Cheritz releases Android Update v1.4.2 which effectively announces lessening of freebies and banning of in-game abuse.

Why Mystic Messenger became popular?

Like most Otome Games which features good looking animated boys, these games are a sure magnet for girls.  The game somehow creates virtual relationships and conversations but somehow also creates realistic feelings.

Being a free Otome Game which allows you to successfully choose the route of every character with lesser hassle compared to other games of the same kind makes it very popular.  The visual novel version is also very intricate and detailed.

Another thing that makes it popular is its user interface.  It's more like communicating with the characters through your mobile phone.  You can chat, send message and call them.  The game makes use of popularity of today's communication.

Watch our game commentary below to know more about the game and also vote on our polls about Mystic Messenger.

Mystic Messenger Advantages?

Although I am not a fan of games like this, I think in some way the game creates beneficial things for those who are playing the game.
  • It creates a sense of acceptance for those playing the game.
  • It makes you a better problem solver.
  • It helps you experience the feeling of love and understand yourself better.
  • It helps you make better decisions.

Mystic Messenger Disadvantages?

If there are positive things about the game there are also some negative things about it and here are some of them:
  • It is addictive.
  • It is very inconsiderate of time.  It reminds you that not sleeping is bad for your health but then it has a chat room that opens at 12 midnight and 3am respectively which is totally contradictory.
  • It let's you get hooked in the game for free then slowly feeds on your addiction and charge you some money for playing.
  • It updates a lot and takes a lot of space on your mobile phone.
  • It can create possible conflict with your existing relationship.
  • If not checked you might find it as a replacement for real life relationship.

Verdict on Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is a great game.  We hope that it would make updates that will also take into consideration with all honesty the health of its players.  We also hope that it will not feed on the fame of the game and charge the players unreasonably.

The future charges will be through purchase of hourglasses which will be used to load a save game, enter chatrooms that you missed and so on.  We are not against it because we understand game developers should earn.  However, if they intend to remain popular they should maintain a level wherein players can still enjoy meaningful gaming even if it is for free.

What should be done perhaps is a premium gaming feature like bonus routes or extra things which can be availed through VIP access or spending some hour glass for it.

There is in fact an on going heated discussion about the latest update.

So that concludes our article on Mystic Messenger.  Thanks for reading and if you would like to know more information about it just visit the Mystic Messenger Facebook page.

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