Breaking News seems to be unfair to bloggers

I had been a blogger of Zomato for almost 2 years and as a blogger I also consider myself as a foodie.  Bloggers write in Zomato to review various restaurants that they had been too.  They also rate restaurants which had invited them.  It seems that though that the recent changes in develop a system that is unfair for bloggers.

Bloggers are Foodies too

Bloggers are foodies too.  Whenever bloggers make a review they are given 25 points each to add up to their specialized blogger leaderboard.  I do not know if photos are being given points as well or not.  These score also helps them gain a level as a foodie.

I notice however that since the articles are redirected from Zomato to the users own blog via the Zomato spoonback, bloggers who always use this will lag far behind in the foodie rankings.  My user for example in Zomato is ranked 31 as a blogger but ranked 2,488 as a foodie.  So I am a blogger and not a foodie?

Why are points important?

For online writers and reviewers exposure is very important.  For bloggers having a higher ranking means that you are active and credible, that is why a fair system is necessary.  I believe that Zomato should improve the scoring system given to foodies.

It would be helpful that the same scoring system used for foodies be accorded to bloggers.  Bloggers will just be given a special leaderboard since they are not ordinary users of the site but are also influencers.

Am I making any sense about this?

Di you think I make sense?  Well, personally I feel that I do.  What do you think of this observation?

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