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Instagram introduces Live Video (Instagram Live)

The competition with Snapchat is getting bigger as it seems.  In order to counter the rising popularity of its rival social media network, Instagram introduces Live Video.  The new live streaming function looks similar to what Facebook already have but in a way very different.  What's the difference between Instagram Live and Facebook Live?  Read on...

What's different with Instagram Live?

The main different with Instagram Live video is the fact that it is not postable.  This means that once your live video ends, it will disapper on IG.  Unlike Facebook Live which you have the option to post the video, on Instagram this is not present.

Instagram Live therefore will provide brands and you with the opportunity to create something very interesting.  The live feed will be something instant, instantaneous and worthwhile.  It will not be something for a like bait since you have no option to retain it.

Would you use a disappearing video?

Would anyone be interested in going live and not saving it?  Well, if Snapchat had already been popular because of disappearing photos and videos then this one is something to the next level.  Imagine going live and not worying that something you shared and decided it's not worth it will remain online.

Since Instagram also is more brand friendly due to the absence of fake news, url proliferations and non user-friendly ads this one can gain traction.  We might be seeing some innovative and unique content being shown live on Instagram soon.  We are very excited ourselves to try it.

What do you think of Instagram Live?  Excited or not?

By the way beside introducing Instagram Live they are also seeing some value in what Snapchat started by launching "Disappearing Photos and Videos".  This option will be available for groups and friends on Instagram Direct.

Is disappearing posts the new norm? Hmmm...

For more information on these latest Instagram Updates you can check out their post here.

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