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Why Facebook will never beat Linkedin

Facebook might be the biggest social media on the planet but it can never be like Linkedin.  In a recent news we have heard that Facebook is opening its doors to job postings.  This means that company pages will now have a "job feature" which would allow administrators of these pages to post job openings, a feature similar to Linkedin.  The main question however is can Facebook be more popular than Linkedin in terms of job searches? In this article we discuss why Facebook will never beat Linkedin.

Facebook vs Linkedin

Facebook is seen to be as the social media of the masses particularly millennials.  It is more like a personal tool which promotes oneself to families and friends.  For brands Facebook is a means to reach out to their customers through pages.

Linkedin on the other hand is a "professional" social network. It is more about business and talks about the world and how these things will affect us.  If serious things are not in on Facebook, it is on Linkedin.  Here influencers talk about various topics as members learn from them, join courses, searches for jobs and grow professionally.

Linkedin is professional focused while Facebook is generally focused.

Job Applicant Differences

We can see that while Facebook will allow HR Managers to see the more personal side of the applicant it would not allow them to see their professional side.  Facebook is not focused on showcasing a person's professional accomplishments since it is a personal-focused social network.  This means that the quality of job applicants via Facebook will be relatively from low to average.

Linkein provides a direct view of the job seekers professional side including their skills, accomplishments and expertise.  It also provides relevant endorsement and personal references with which the company can readily inquire about the applicant.  In other words Linkedin is built for the business world in which Facebook is not.

Our Conclusion remains - Facebook will never beat like Linkedin

Our conclusion will remain that Facebook will never be like Linkedin.  If Facebook wants to remain relevant it needs to remain as what it is now.  Linkedin is very relevant since it decided to differentiate itself from other social networks.

What do you think?  Can Facebook be like Linkedin?  Which social media can a company trust in terms of new hires?

Reference:  Facebook threatens LinkedIn with job opening features

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