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Why Mystic Messenger became very popular?

Popular culture is indeed amazing.  We will see something that suddenly becomes trending and we are surprised.  For example PPAP is a song with absolutely no logic and yet it became popular.  There is one game also, that all of a sudden became very popular - MYSTIC MESSENGER?  Why did this visual novel game became one of the most popular mobile game of today?

The Difference of Mystic Messenger

Perhaps one made Mystic Messenger a big hit is the fact that it is very different than all existing visual novel games in the market.  It decided to go outside of the box and create a whole new player experience.
  • It promotes more user interaction.
  • It created a look and feel like you are actually engaging with the characters.
  • It dwells on human emotions which is very effective.
  • It gives a deep story line with many alternative endings.
For me those are the core reasons of why it became popular and became different from almost all existing visual novels.  

Mysitc Messenger Evokes Your Kinky Side

The creators know that people are kinky and well women are in their private moments.  Knowing this, the creators decided to give them scenes and feel which explores their sexuality and inner emotions.  If you happen to see some NSFW posts and arts from players, you will be surprised at what you will see.

Mystic Messenger evokes hidden desires and emotions.  Upon evoking that in someway it fulfills those desires in a friendly and less evasive manner.

Mystic Messenger Player's Interview

Let us share to you this cool video featuring an interview with Mystic Messenger Cosplayers and why they love the game.

Will Mystic Messenger Continue to be Popular?

In our previous Mystic Messenger Review article, we explore the interface of the game.  In that same article we also talk to a fan of the game.  I think that the game will continue to be popular as long as it provides new content which the players can be personally involved in.

This game has that danger of destroying and affecting relationships and I am serious about this.  What if you and your relationship is not going very smooth and you see a post saying "I love you" or even envoking something more passionate?  Certainly, you would feel somewhat offended and you will be hurt.

All in all however, Mystic Messenger is a very innovative and highly engaging game.  My simple advice is to play it responsibly and with caution.

Have you been playing Mystic Messenger?  Well, tell us why you like it by commenting on this article.

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