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Attention: Your E-mail Accounts Were Hacked!

What if we tell you that event if you do not know it your e-mail account was already hacked. Your contact list, telephone number, date of birth, password and other personal date fell to the hands of an unknown hacker not today but three years ago.  Worried?  I think you are but you can do nothing about it.  How did it happen?  Well...

If you are using Yahoo! actively and you have sensitive data there, then you have to change password immediately.  The company admitted just this day that beside the 500 million accounts stolen in 2014, another 1 billion was hit in 2013.  Yes, that is a total of 1.5 BILLION ACCOUNTS.

Yahoo! is clueless of hack

Yahoo! is typically clueless of the hack and in fact they were not able to know that their data went missing until recently.  Beside your accounts, the "proprietary code" of the company was also stolen.  This code has something to do with forge cookies, which "could allow an intruder to access users’ accounts without a password."

Affected account owners need not worry because they are already being warned and the company had taken measures to avoid and prevent actual loss from the hack.

Yahoo! steps to comback the hacking incident

  •  Secure affected accounts and require them to change their passwords.
  • Invalidated unencrypted security questions and answers so that they cannot be used to access an account.
  • Invalidated the forged cookies.
  • Hardened the Yahoo! systems to secure them against similar attacks.
As for the Verizon and Yahoo! deal, an insider from Verizon confirms that they are still very confident about the deal and the company. (Read related article:  "Google kicks Yahoo out of business ")

See the full report on the 1 Billion users hacked from Yahoo!.

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