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Future technology announced by Microsoft including mixed reality and cellular PCs

 Microsoft announces new innovations and updates during the Windows Hardware Engineering Community event (WinHEC) in Shenzhen, China.  The most notable update from Microsoft being their plan to build the next generation of modern PCs supporting mixed reality, gaming, advanced security, and artificial intelligence.

Microsoft also revealed that their aim is to make mixed reality mainstream and introduce always-connected, more power efficient cellular PCs running Windows 10.

Project Evo

Intel and Microsoft entered into a collaboration to develop the next generation of PCs.  The project is just in its early stages but early reveals says it will include the  addition of far-field communications aimed at extending the range of Microsoft’s Cortana.

Improving the protection against malware and hacking plus providing better biometrics through Windows Hello are part of the targets.  Evo will also focus on improving gaming through the Beam integration.   If this became successful it will introduce game broadcasting and spatial audio.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a substantial part of Project Evo as well.  They are aiming to bring Window's mixed reality offering to a line of  “affordable” PCs and headsets. If this happens, it means that more people will switch to Microsoft in terms of AR.

Mixed Reality is Mainstream in 2017

The competition for virtual reality seems to be in full throttle and Microsoft wants to get ahead.  They already submitted their HoloLens for government approval in China with commercial availability in China for the first half of 2017.

Headsets capable of mixed reality will also be available by 2017.  These are HMDs from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.  Also, leading China-based hardware developer for HMDs, 3Glasses is bring Windows 10 to their S1 device and this means 5 million monthly active customers.

Here are other things to expect in 2017:
  •  Customers will gain access to amazing mixed reality content. This includes:
  •  More than 20,000 universal Windows apps in the catalog
  •  3D objects from the web using Microsoft Edge to drag and drop into their physical world
  •  Immersive WebVR content via Microsoft Edge
  •  360 degree videos available for the first time in the Movies & TV app
  • Finally, HMD developer kits will become available to developers at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Windows 10 Cellular PCs

Microsoft partners with Qualcomm to enable Windows 10 to run on Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered PCs.  These cellular PCs will run x86 Win32 and universal Windows apps, including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and popular Windows games.

Finally, to deliver on our customers’ growing needs to create on the go, we announced today that Windows 10 is coming to ARM through our partnership with Qualcomm. For the first time ever, our customers will be able to experience the Windows they know with all the apps, peripherals, and enterprise capabilities they require, on a truly mobile, power efficient, always-connected cellular PC.

Microsoft is really making a big announcement and taking bold moves to be on top of the next generation of Information Technology innovation.  What can you say about these latest updates?  Excited?

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Reference: Microsoft

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