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Pinterest and Twitter rolls out new features

Pinterest and Twitter rolls out new features to stay growing in the increasingly competitive social media market.  Pinterest rolls out a new look for business profiles and expands promoted pins to Canada. Twitter on the other hand enables all users to create Moments on mobile and adds conversation ranking and direct reply count.

Twitter, eager to stay alive

Twitter which is eager to stay alive and kicking as a social media company is throwing in new things.  After key companies lost interest in buying the company it seems they are trying to stay relevant.

Mobile app version of twitter will now have conversation ranking and direct reply count.  With conversation ranking, you might not able to see all replies in a chronological order.  Replies will now be grouped by sub-conversation and re-organized based on a variety of factors.

As for the direct reply count, it will quickly show how many people are joining in the conversation.  It is just similar to how favorites and retweets are counted at the bottom of your tweet.

For the update on Twitter Moments, here is a post directly from them to guide you on how it is done.

Pinterest is evolving

Pinterest who had been seen as an effective social media tool for fashion and lifestyle is evolving to capture a greater number of audience. Redesigning business profiles is seen to enable brands and companies to see more use for the platform.

The newly designed business profiles includes a new rotating showcase located at the top of your profile.  It offers a way for companies to introduce themselves and probably create a nice story.  In addition, Pinterest now give you the ability to  highlight up to five of boards and buyable pins to share on the web and a “bright, new design” that’s consistent across the web and mobile experience.

Are these new updates relevant for their target users?  What do you think?

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