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SKEYE Nano 2 the worlds smallest camera drone

The SKEYE Nano 2 Is The World's Tiniest Selfie Drone That Can Fit In Your Hand.

Drones are very helpful for  inspection, for taking photographs, videos, it get to the destination where humans are impossible to arrive, and now the drones are being far reaching in teenage groups for selfies also.

This first-person view selfie drone is so much handier than your old selfie stick. Auto take-off and land! This is SKEYE Nano 2! Easy to control! 🎮.

SKEYE Nano 2 is designed and manufactured by a dutch innovation firm called TRNDlabs. TRNDlabs is the individual firm, who has invented the first small drone in the market. 

The drone is featured with aerial camera lenses,  which broadcast the picture rapidly. The drones are characterized by HD camera, 6-axis air travel control system, LED light which is utilized during the evening hours, it has an office to turn noticeable all around for 5 min. Excellent photos in 240p with a 2 Mega Pixel Camera!

You can also shoot videos with your drone camera. The cost of the SKEYE Nano 2 is only $99 US Dollars. So grab your SKEYE Nano 2 now. Buy now!!


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