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10 must-have apps that should be on your PC

Mobile apps are much more well known than their desktop counterparts, yet most many people still depend on Laptop or desktop PCs, either for work or simply  browsing the web at home. 

Regardless of whether you've  invested in Apple's Mac line or a Windows PC, there are completely some worthwhile desktop app out there to get more out of your PC.

For Mac User

1. Skitch lets you quickly and easily annotate images.

Skitch is a Mac app that gives you a chance to draw on and comment on pictures. Screenshot a picture or upload a photo from your PC, include arrows, text, or symbols, then export and share. 

Skitch is free in the Mac App Store.

2. Giphy Capture helps you turn any video into a GIF

Before, making GIFs used to be a multi-step process or, at any rate, required utilizing some exceptionally suspect-looking app, Giphy Capture makes that procedure quicker, as well as has a natural interface that anybody could figure out: You can capture, edit, and upload GIFs with only a couple clicks. 

Giphy Capture is free in the Mac App Store.

3. Flume brings all the features of Instagram to your desktop

For the people who use Instagram for work — or any person who's Insta-famous — switching from desktop to telephone can frustrating and time-consuming. Enter Flume, an app that intends to make an "excellent Instagram experience" on your Mac. The app gives you a chance to look through photographs on your desktop effortlessly — and at full resolution. The pro version app even gives you a chance to upload photos and videos directly from your desktop. 

Flume is free in the Mac App Store.

4. Franz combines all of your messaging platforms in one place

Communicating through numerous messaging apps can be confusing in any case, at times, necessary.  Fortunately, Franz is here to take the mess out and make it less demanding to flip in the middle of conversation by combining services  like Slack, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and more on one basic, cutting edge dashboard. 

Franz is free to download for Mac and Windows.

5. Spark is a better way to do email

Spark used to just be accessible for iPhone and iPad only, but when the launch of a Mac version last November was exciting. Spark is a smart email app that simplifies and curates your messages, combining them into groups and notifying you of the ones you likely need to see. The app is advanced, streamlined, and reminiscent of Slack, so clients will feel comfortable. 

Spark is free to download in the Mac App Store

For Windows

6. Polarr is a pro-level photo editor at an amateur-level price

Polarr is an effective photo editing tool that rivals some of the best software out there. With a significant part of functionality from Adobe Lightroom — oning, curve adjustment, effects, and more — the app will solve nearly all of your basic photo editing  needs. Also, with a easy-to-use interface, you won't be confused by various buttons or too many features. 

Polarr is free to download in the Microsoft store.

7. Drawboard PDF provides an easier way to annotate documents

With Drawboard PDF, you can get rid of Adobe Acrobat Reader for good. The streamlined app gives you a chance to comment on reports with drawings or notes and share them with your team, wiping out the wasted paper and confusion. 

Drawboard PDF is available in the Microsoft store for $9.99.

8. Vectr makes it simple to create beautiful designs

If you've ever attempted to make a resume or pamphlet on Microsoft Word, you know how challenging it is to make and how unattractive the final product is. With Vectr, you can make lovely designs, logos, or mock-ups and share them with collaborators. Besides, the app is intended for both novices and advanced designers, so it's easy to use. 

Vectr is free in the Microsoft store.

9. Flipboard is your own personalized magazine

Flipboard may have begun on the iPad, yet it's really one of the best Windows app out there, and all things considered: The wonderful, free application gives a simple approach to customize the things you like to read, catch up on the most recent news, and save articles for some other time. 

Flipboard is free in the Microsoft store.

10. Todoist is a virtual to-do list

If you're still writing your to-do lists on sticky notes, Todoist might be the app for you. The virtual schedule gives you a chance to arrange your plan, sync it with different gadgets, and share tasks with others. There's a free version of the app, in addition to two other pricing tiers for the ultra-organized. 

Todoist is free to download for Mac and Windows.

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