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Create polls and share it across platforms with APEO

Despite the innovation in technology and social media, asking people question and then finding out the trend in their opinion still remains the same.  Businesses, media outfits and the general user wants to know what people like to have as their next phone, the artist they love, music they like and more.  Let us introduce you to APEO - an app which allows anyone to quickly create a customized poll.

This app is based and developed in Tel Aviv, Israel by Irina Krasnopolsky. product design; Israel Kehat, software development; and Jonathan Rudasevski, business development.

The APEO innovation

Most existing online polls would allow you to just create and share on one platform.  Sharing across social media, embedding and other methods are usually not synchronized.   APEO allows you to create your own poll from mobile or desktop and share it through chat, social media, mail, embed in a site and so on.  The results from all funnels are shown anonymously in the app.

Honestly this is an online poll creator that would finally address every creator need.  I just hope that you can create multiple polls.  We will be creating one and asking you a question in the poll below.  We will also be sharing it via our various channels.

Some initial feedback on APEO

Upon using the poll here are some of my initial suggestions:
  • We just hope that there is a way to edit the poll.
  • Looking forward to an option to add more questions.
  • Looking forward to adding more customization.
  • More detailed statistics.
  • Better admin control panel if ever.
The above additional updates will make the poll a lot better and appeal to a broader spectrum of users.

Download and try APEO now

For those who want to try and experiment on this synchronized platform poll here are the links:
If you have feedback about APEO app don't hesitate to add it in the comment below.

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