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Dinomess Mobile Game First Impressions

Have you ever wanted to catch dinosaurs and keep them as pets?  Well, if you do then DINOMESS is a game for you.  This Augmented Reality game inspired by Ingress and Pokemon Go gives you a chance to catch TRex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Pliosaurus, Pterocdactyl and more.  Will it be a hit game?  We still have to see.

Dinomess PvP Online Battles

The game promises "PvP Online Battles" which I think is one of the possible great highlights of this game.  In our disappointment however this feature was not highlighted in the games promotion and videos.  Battles like this gives the gamer a sense of purpose on why he is collecting the dinosaurs in the first place.  Level up your dinosaurs, search for strong ones and then square them off with your friends.

PvP "Online" Battles are not the strongest point of games like Pokemon Go and is probably one of the reason why some previous players lose their zest.  Ranking and rewards would also be a great addition and hopefully the developers add this up.

Dinomess Educational Value

Again, unlike Pokemon Go and Ingress, Dinomess can take opportunity with its strong educational value.  Parents will have a higher approval of letting their kids play this game because they are not just catching a fictional thing but something which adds up to their scientific knowledge.  In fact, schools and universities might even endorsed it.

Here's a quick video on Dinomess and why I think it is both entertaining, educational and can be something to look forward to.


Another unique feature which the game will soon offer, by March 2017 is DinoWatch.  It is a smart watch which can detect the presence of dinosaurs in your area.  Isn't this cool, I really want to own this and get a feel of Ben 10.

DinoWatch is a wearable device that links to your smartphone through Bluetooth and informs you when a Dinosaur is nearby as you travel the streets.
  • Whenever a Dinosaur is nearby, DinoWatch will mildly vibrate. You can then check out which Dinosaur it is by looking on your phone and using the app.
  • Collect DinoBoxes and Dinosaur Eggs without having to look at your smart phone!
  • You will get a notification when you get a message in DinoChat, but you will have to use your phone for interaction.

Download and Try Dinomess

Actually if not for my son I would not have seen the great value of this game.  I only see it as another same thing AR game but hey it is educational and can be something entertaining.  Imagine getting all those dinosaurs in your ranch right?

If you are interested and you should, download their game for IoS or Android.

For more updates and information you can also visit their website at

We can't wait to see how this game will turn out to be,

If you have feedback about this game please inform us.

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