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Globe Telecom as an Inefficient ISP

I am a subscriber of Bayantel before it was acquired by Globe Telecom.  During my tenure as a subscriber for more than 4 months with them I never encountered a single problem. Then Globe Telecom acquired Bayantel and then the trouble begins.  First was the dial tone, we suddenly do not have a phone service in our area and the internet started to slow down.  Then, we decided to transfer our connection and here comes more inefficiency by Globe Telecom.

Globe Telecom's 3-5 Working Days is a Fake

When I asked them to transfer my internet connection to a new location they told me that all it will take is 3-5 days. They also told me to settle all pending bills before it can be processed.  So, I settled my bills and call again last January 3.  We need to have the new connection ready before January 15, that is 12 days.  12 days was 4x longer from the standard 3 days and more than 2x longer overall.

By January 11, someone told me that the connection was verified and they will install either a Bayantel Landline or Globe Wireless plan of 5Mbs amounting to Php1,199.  That was fine with me and what I just need to ensure is that they transfer it by January 15.  The person on the line assured me again of the 3-5 working days and thus by January 15, it will all be done.

I waited in vain and come January 15, there was no notification and even no call from them.  A day before I called their customer service, took me about 50 minutes to discuss the issue and got an assurance that it will be transferred the next day as it was already escalated to admin.

Globe Telecom's Bad Customer Service

As of the writing of this article my internet is still not transferred.  There was no notification, no e-mail, no text and no call about when will it be done.  Worst, I got a text saying that I have to settle my bill by January 16 and to my surprise it already included the installation fee for the supposed transfer.

Their Twitter account @talk2Globe also caught my post on Facebook and Twitter.  They contacted me, asked me for my details and concern.  I told them about it but then again all they can say is they will do something about it.  That conversation was last Sunday, January 15 and until now January 18 there was no action.

  • 1/18/207 - I asked them about the exact time when I should receive feedback and here is what they said:
  •  1/19/2017 - Globe technical team finally called and scheduled an installation on Friday, January 20.  That is after 17 days of requesting the transfer and installation which they say would take just 3-5 days.

Disservice to the Filipino

All of the existing ISPs without exception are giving a disservice and bad customer experience to their clients.  They offer fast internet connections with data cap that is long obsolete.  Their promised speed is not what you will actually get plus the very common disconnection and broken internet connection.

This is so frustrating and I am wondering if other people also had these sort of bad experience with Globe or other ISPs.  I just want to know and let us let the government know about this.

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