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Nintendo announced its next big game coming to your Smartphones

"Super Mario Run," the world-well known plumber's first-ever smartphone game, went to the iPhone to start with, with Android clients as yet holding up.

But "Fire Emblem Heroes," Nintendo's for some time guaranteed and simply declared strategic role-playing game, will launch  on both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously on February 2. You can "pre-register" for the game at the Google Play app store now.

Nintendo said that the whole "Fire Emblem"
feel has been redesigned for mobile.
Like "Super Mario Run," you'll have the freedom to download the game for free. Not like any other app games, "Fire Emblem Heroes" is allowed free-to-play, implying that you can experience the whole game without paying money, in case you're very fan of this game, you can spend real cash  to open all the more effective characters for your armed force.

The game would simultaneously launch on iOS and Android on February 2 after all. That puts iOS gamers ahead in terms of Nintendo releases; Super Mario Run will not launch on Android until "March 2017."

Also the trailer video mentioned new games in the series coming to the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. The Japan-only NES release Fire Emblem Gaiden is getting a  interpreted 3DS remaster (named Shadows of Valentia) for all regions on May 19, and the company teased a "traditional" Fire Emblem game coming to the Nintendo Switch in "2018." (This is different than Fire Emblem Warriors on Switch and the "New" Nintendo 3DS, which is still on track for a 2017 launch.)

Here's the official "Fire Emblem Heroes" trailer:


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