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Ingress vs Pokemon Go. Which is better?

Is Pokemon Go still popular?  It seems that the zest for the game that took the world by storm had finally subsided and that includes me.  I was hyped for nearly two months and then all of it was gone. I eventually ask myself which of two Niantic's phenomenal game is better - Ingress or Pokemon Go?


Pokemon Go allows people to interact with the real world environment through Augmented Reality or AR, something that is not present in Ingress.  However, the absence of the AR capability is matched by the deep interaction that Ingress gives when it comes to the real life significance of the portals being hacked against Pokemon Go where such places only serves as either gyms or shops.

Social relevance

Pokemon Go provides the fun when group of friends come together to hunt rare Pokemons or join hands to defeat a gym, however it seems that it ends there.  Pokemon Go on the other hand inspires people to meet new friends, explore various locations as they hunt and connect portals and discover new adventure.  The level of learning and social relevance of Ingress is far from Pokemon Go.  While playing Ingress does not put authorities on alarm, Pokemon Go on the other hand results in various accidents and banning of playing in key Poke shops and gyms situated at place of worships, school and government buildings. (Read: Pokemon Go: Advantages and Disadvantages)

Game Depth

The great advantage for me at least of Ingress is its unique and deep storyline which connects the real world to a story and to the players.  Their Ingress events are so powerful that it traverse continents and encourage people to travel, meet friends and discover places. (Read: Ingress Philippines Game Review: Enlightened vs Resistance)

As for Pokemon Go I have read of some exploring made by friends but I never heard of any event organized which invited people to band together.  The Pokemon story is also very limited in my perspective at least.

How to make Pokemon Go better?

I know that there is a new update for Pokemon Go but still how can Niantic make Pokemon Go better?  Well, here are some of my suggestions.

  • Create instant PVP player battle so that interaction will increase.
  • Evolve the capturing of Pokemon from just throwing Pokeballs to actually having a battle with that Pokemon in cases were they are of higher levels.
  • Create training grounds and colliseums or even evolve gyms so that training can be possible.
  • Eliminate hacks and cheats.
I think that with the above updates Pokemon Go will be more fun to play.  Despite all of these however Ingress will always defeat Pokemon Go in terms of its educational and social value.

Do you agree with my observation?  Share with us what you think by commenting below.

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