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HTTPS is now MANDATORY and how to get free SSL Certificates

Google as the top controlling power in the internet had already released Chrome 56.  This new version of Chrome starts labeling non-https site as "non-secure."  It will particularly label sites and pages which asks for password or credit card information.  Later on new releases will focus on highlighting non-http sites and even placing a red warning.

The End of HTTP

This might perhaps be the end of "http" in the internet.  The demand for online security had become higher as digital transactions and apps utilizing the Internet-of-Things (IoT) becomes more mainstream.  Would this be something that is more expensive for web developers and website owners?

Technically hosting sites which relies on selling services to their customers would ask you to buy an SSL certificate.  Buying such would be more necessary than ever since you do not want users to see a warning site on the website they are browsing.  Worst comes to worst, Google might come with a prior warning before even landing at the page.

Free SSL Certificates

Having an HTTPS website should not be expensive.  Since it is now the trend and security is the norm you can actually avail free SSL certificates,

1.  Talk to your website host.  The first step is to talk to your hosting provider and ask then to provide free SSL certificate for you.  cPanel 62 has an autoSSL functions which automatically install SSL certificates issued by Comodo.  This means that minimum of 200 certificates per server can be issued to domains.  They can add additional 100 more through a Let’s Encrypt plugin for WHM/cPanel.

So if your hosting provider is running WHM/cPanel then they should be giving you free SSL unless they want to profit on this new trend which most would probably.  If that is the case then perhaps you could look for other providers which offers free SSL.

2.   Use Let's Encrypt to get free SSL.  This website is highly trusted Mozilla, Automattic (WordPress), Cisco, and more.  They even have automatic renewals.  You just need to log in to your cpanel and get your free SSL using the website.To view the simple instructions you can visit this website.

Impact of disabling HTTP in the web

Forcing users to convert to HTTPS is a brilliant idea although at some point it might be additional spending for website owners.  It means that we will now be seeing amore secured web were our passwords and information is encrypted and protected.  Of course this does not mean the end of hacking and identity theft for noting is hacker proof.

What do you think of this latest change in the internet?  Is it good or bad?  Share us your views via our comment section.  Damn we need to convert to HTTPS too right?

By the way here is the link to the official Google announcement on HTTPS and SSL.

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