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Is it harder to be a gamer as you grow older?

Is it harder to be a gamer as you grow older?  What are the things that would hamper you from playing the games you love as years go by?  This article comes as a personal experience from me but I am also inviting you to share your views and answer the question as well.  As gamers, we want always to enjoy games as much as we like.  So on to the question on this blog...

Would you rather be always young to play all the games you like?

I had been a gamer since I was young.  I experience going out of the class just to play Contra, 1942, Excite Bike and more on the Family Computer in the 90s.  When personal computer became a trend in the Philippines in 1994, I immediately installed my games using multiple floppy disks for Civilization 1 and Prince of Persia.  I enjoyed the graphics of Warcraft 1 and 2 and Diablo 1 and 2.  I also played Ultima Underworld before there was even Elder Scrolls.

When Playstation became a hit in our town in Atimonan, Quezon, I started my own gaming shop where I allowed people to play PS games like Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Twisted Metal, Monster Rancher and more.  I started the shop not only because I want to have a business but also because I want to play games and be with gamers.  I even enjoyed tournaments of Age of Empires and Command and Conquer.

As I grew older and problems grew bigger I began to focus on writing and having to earn money.  Losing my gaming and computer cafe also hit me that time.  Then, I lost my ultimate fashion for gaming though I still played Ragnarok Online as a beta tester and later on Cabal Online and the first SF and Genghis Khan from Game Club PH.

Returning to Real Gaming after 15 Years

Fifteen years after, a friend of mine bring home his Playstation 3 unit and thus began my inkling to play once more.  It never occurred to me that gaming was really addicting and can make you forget lots of things.

Although technically I never ceased to be a gamer because I had been playing games like Dragon Nest and Ingress at time, I really never had the time when I am looking forward to playing a game everyday.

Returning to Dragon Nest this year after a 2 years of hiatus

I started playing Final Fantasy XIII, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and then Diablo III.  All of these games are really addicting and will require you to spend tons of time with them.  I already spend more than 70 hours for Skyrim, 40 hours for Final Fantasy and around 15 hours for Diablo III.

Unlike before where I do not have to hold myself and can glue continuously on the console, this time I have to hold back.  I have tons of things to do like work, obligations and even household chores.  I play with my kids so it is not a problem but ensuring them that we are doing healthy gaming is also an added burden.

A view of my manor in SkyRim.  My character wears the Arch-mage Robes and Morokei

Gaming Now and Then

Being a gamer now that I was older is very different.  You need to hold back and stay away from being a game addict.  You need to be a responsible gamer as an adult thus most of the time it takes a while to finish a game.

Well, that's me and I want to find out if that is also the case with others.  Do you think it is harder to be a gamer as you grow older?   

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  1. Mas maigi na mag games pag naka graduate na kasi wala kanang iisipin mga assignments. Pag tumanda ang problema mo nalang ay time sa pag tulog kasi may trabaho pa kinabukasan.

    1. Yap I agree with you on that. Games always has a competition. Hahahaha!