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Ragnarok Online Philippine Returns: Can it be that popular again?

Ragnarok Online Philippines returns this May 7 Ragnarok Thailand publisher Electronics Extreme .  The main question is will it be as popular as it once was?  Can it compete with other games, now that most publishers are shifting from PC games towards mobile gaming - even Dragon Nest had to do this?  Here is my personal view on this issue.

Ragnarok Online Philippines Official Launch

RAGNA FESTIVAL on May 7 at SM City North EDSA Annex will be the official launching event for the return of Ragnarok Online Philippines.  There will be  loads of prizes, goodies, and in-game items will be given away on this day.

We are encouraging gamers to support this event and be there.  You can visit their facebook page for the latest news and updates.

The Ragnarok Hype and how long will it last

It might be a joyous day for Ragnarok players as May 7 comes but how long will that hype last?  Pokemon Go became so popular but I would say the hype is already over and its popularity subsided.

I personally believe that loyal Ragnarok players will return and play the game.  There will also be newbies that will try and play the game but I do not think that the hype will last that long.

What are the problems Ragnarok Online is facing?

Ragnarok Online maintains a very classic interface which might be a turn off to newbie gamers.  If the platform will be on a PC then that will be another problem.  You see, more and more players prefer mobile games since they can play wherever they are and let's face it mobile phones are more practical to have rather than a desktop or a laptop... and well net cafes are expensive.

When Ragnarok Online started in the Philippines they are the pioneer in MMORPG but now they have tons and tons of competitor.  There is also the fear of how long will this server last, what if due to lack of support it will once again be cancelled.  Additional to that are the players which migrated their account to the International RO server.

Unsolicited Advice for Ragnarok Online

Well here are some of my personal unsolicited advice, not that I am all knowing but just a quick thought:

  • Make the game accessible through mobile devices.
  • Create a new story to continue where it has left out.
  • Innovate the game and make improvements visually.
  • Hmmm... RAGNAROK VR?
What do you think dear friends?  What fate awaits the new Ragnarok Online Philippines?

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  1. my nag papangap po na G.M na pag di nagpalit ung kasabwat nya ng equip ibaban daw po my kinalat na ako printscreen sa fb site nyo po

    1. Had any GM responded to you? Mahirap ito kasi maapektuhan ang game.