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How can you buy your dream gadget easily?

Gadgets had become a part of everyone’s daily life.  Mobile phones, tablets, and consoles had been the dream of almost everyone teens and adults alike.  However, cashing in on items like this is not easy because the good ones are really expensive. However, we have something to share with you about how you can buy your dream gadget easily.

Do you need a Credit Card?

Most young professionals would apply for a credit card the moment that they are able to do so.  The main reason for this is because they want to get the items they want – gadgets, appliances, home improvements and more.  The problem with credit cards is the fact that it is not that easy to apply plus there are charges which sometimes are hidden and might result in future problems.

Do you really need a credit card for this?  At first I personally think purchasing on credit always needs credit card but the thing is there is another option to get those items at more reasonable payment options.  An option which will also prevent future credit problems which might put you at unreasonable risk.

Introducing Home Credit

I remember the first time I need to purchase a really good laptop which I would be able to use at work.  I only have Php15,000 that time and in that amount, it is not enough to get one with dedicated graphics card and good memory.

While browsing the computer store I encountered a poster of Home Credit, it says “No Need for Credit Card” and “30 minutes processing.”  That is probably too good to be true offer right?  But I did try it and then after a brief interview about my work, presenting the necessary valid ID my loan was processed.  It was not even 30 minutes – just a total of 15 minutes.

I got a Php25,000 laptop which I must pay at Php1,188 for 15 months.  Although it is more expensive than getting the item in cash it gives me enough time to pay for it and at the same time use the item already.  The best thing is that you also get the cash perks since Home Credit is good as cash.

Zero Interest Rate

During my first experience with Home Credit, I asked my friend to help me since she also needed the laptop.  The next time I learned that Home Credit offers Zero Percent interest as well.  For example, if you choose to pay within 6 months then you don’t have to pay any interest.  That’s why when I bought my mobile phone I opted for a six months payment term and it saves a lot.  Always visit their website and Facebook page to know their latest promos as well.

Do Not Take My Word for it!

But do not take my word for it you have to try it and to prove it.  I had never experience any bad thing about my loan with Home Credit specially since they also send out reminders and phone calls to make sure that you will not miss your payment and thus avoid penalty charges.

The next time you want to buy a gadget or item always ask them if they accept purchase through Home Credit.

For more information about Home Credit loans please visit their website

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