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New Ragnarok Online Philippines Closed Beta Review

We were thrilled to jump and get back to the world of Ragnarok Online as soon as it was announced that the server is once again opening for the Philippines.  As soon as the closed beta goes online my friends began creating and leveling their character.  We also had a few livestream but then there is something odd about it.  Here is our RAGNAROK ONLINE PHILIPPINES CLOSED BETA REVIEW.

Something is weird in Ragnarok Online Philippines

I am not saying that the game is bad but there is something really weird going back to a game created more than 10 years ago.  For someone who is already used to levelling by quests, good graphics and speaking NPC it felt something is off.

This feeling brought me to a question, "Why did Ragnarok Online stayed the same way through out the year and why did they not improve their gameplay and graphics?"

I was looking for quests and NPCs to talk to in order to begin leveling up and then I realized, damn I have to grind and kill monsters, go to dungeons in order to hunt for equipment and sell items to get the money I need.  It was something I was not really used to already.

Why not Ragnarok Online 2 Philippines?

For sometime I had been hearing talks that Ragnarok Online 2 will be in the Philippines but it seems to be not coming at all.  I am a player of the original Ragnarok but for some reason this game seems not to appeal to me that much anymore.  It was like using an outdated computer and then saying that hey this is vintage so I am sticking to it.

From the video above, I can say that there is great future in Ragnarok Online 2, reserved for the fact that I was not able to play it yet.  There are reports of various bugs as well.  Perhaps they should try Ragnarok VR... hmmmm... that would be cool right?

Are you playing the Open Beta of Ragnarok Online Philippines?

Am I playing the open beta of Ragnarok Online Philippines once it begins on July 29?  Well, probably yes,  I just need to set my mind to the fact that this game is still worth playing anyhow and that I can meet new friends and also play with my colleagues,

What about you?  What can you say about Ragnarok Online Philippines?

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