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Play WooparooPang Free by Watching Rewarded Video Ads!

Mobile games are really on the rise.  Here is another cool mobile game which offers free gems and rewards when you watch video ads.  Introducing WooparooPang, a lighthearted and cute puzzle game that will surely relieve you from stress.  The latest game update introduces rewarded videos and crown ranking system among others.

New features in WooparooPang

In the latest update gamers can enjoy game contents for free using the Rewarded Video Ads feature.  There is also ’Crown Ranking’ and ‘Z Block’ for players of all levels, ’New World’, ‘New Wooparoo Characters’ for existing high level players, and ‘LINE Login’ for Southeast Asian players.

Here are the six new feayures of WooparooPang:

  1. Rewarded Video Ads: Now players can enjoy WooparooPang without direct in-game purchase. Rewarded Video Ads were added within the various game menus including lobby, shops and inbox, etc. Every day Players can get maximum of 35 Gems and other in-game items such as Clover, Continue and Unlock by watching video ads. 
  2. Crown Ranking: This is a new ranking system. Crown block appears in the game when players re-play the stages that were already cleared by 3 stars. Players need to eliminate Crown block first and clear the stage to obtain Crown. Rewards will be given according to the no. of Crown players obtained and it is also applied to Crown ranking leader board.
  3. Z Block: Z Block is a pile of stacked blocks. Players can eliminate normal blocks by matching 3 same coloured blocks just once but Z Block can be cleared by matching the blocks SEVERAL times. Z Block becomes more complicated at later stages.  
  4. New World: World 24 were revealed. Now 15 more new stages were added.
  5. New Wooparoo Characters: Players can meet more than 40 new Wooparoos
  6. LINE Login: Thai players can access to the game much more easily via LINE login option.

How to download WooparooPang?

You can download the game via the following quick links:

Also please do visit the official WooparooPang Community at htps:// 

Additional player rewards

In addition to celebrate the update, WooparooPang announces 3 additional events which will give players greater rewards:

  1. Stage Clear Event: If players clear 2, 5, 10 higher stages than the current stage, they can obtain Mana Orbs.
  2. Today’s Mission Event: Gems and Clovers will be given to players who complete daily mission every day for 10 days
  3. SNS Share Event: Invite or share message with friends. Items will be given according to the no. of invites or shares.

WooparooPang Game Overview

  • Title: WooparooPang
  • OS:Android / iOS WooparooPang Starts Providing Rewarded Video Ads Within the Game
  • Pricing:Free (In App Purchase)
  • Release Date: Dec 1 2016
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Language: Thai, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish
  • Developer/Publisher: NHN Studio629

Game developer of WooparooPang

The game is developed by NHN Studio629.  They are a Korean game developer and publisher behind titles such as Wooparoo Mountain, Wooparoo Saga, and Heroes Wanted. After it has proved itself as a competitive game developer in Korea by Wooparoo Mountain – a game loved by Korean players since 2013 – the studio expanded its business area to other Asian countries. Wooparoo Mountain was launched in Asian countries via LINE with a new title called LINE Wooparoo Land and has been ranked #1 Free Game in Japanese and Taiwanese Google Play and Apple App Store.

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