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Which is the real selfie expert Vivo or Oppo?

Two smartphone brands are claiming the throne of being the "selfie expert" but who is the real selfie expert, Vivo or Oppo?  In this article we will review Vivo V5.  This is a phone that we personally bought since most of our dear friends are recommending due to its good features.  Let us see what we have found out.

Vivo V5 specifications

Here are the basic specifications of Vivo V5 compared to the same phones from other brands.

Based on the comparison above you can easily see that Vivo V5 is relatively superior when it comes to Oppo and also to the another new brand in the Philippine market, Gionee.

Vivo V5 Philippines review

Watch the video below for our full review of Vivo V5 and also add your comments which for you is the real selfie expert, Vivo or Oppo,  We want to know your experience as well of Oppo.

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