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Easy way to earn online through social media and blogging

Most of us want to earn money while we do the things we love - BEING ONLINE.  Now there is a very clear and easy way to earn online through social media and blogging and we are about to share with you how you can start earning.  It will be easy as long as you give focus into it. So let us share with you an easy ways to earn online.

How to easily earn online?

Most of us uses Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and then those who are called influencers uses Youtube and Blogging in addition.  We can be Youtubers but not usually bloggers and vice versa but there are those that uses both.

The question is how do we maximize earnings online while doing something that you love?  Here are some tips:

  • Create quality content online.  If you want to earn online you need to create quality content on your Youtube channel and on your blog.
  • Read people.  Increasing the likes of your Facebook page and follows of your Twitter and Instagram is key as well.  Why would people follow your social channels is simply because you have content that they like.
  • Join blogger groups.  Joining blogger groups is the easiest because through them you will know opportunities.
  • Google Analytics.  It is key to also have Google Analytics when you are blogging at least.  This will let you know the statistics of your site.

Earning through Brands

How do you earn through brands?  Of course some of us gets invited to events, launching and product reviews but most of these events usually offers us very minimal income if not the usual umbrella or mug or shirt as freebie.

Creating content and being an online influencer is not easy.  You invest time, money and credibility for it.  One way to earn through brands and online is through a platform called WEBFLUENTIAL.  I just learned about it today and I am here to share it to you.

It allows you to collate your social media network as a whole and present it as a collective of total influence.  It then allows you to create a media kit or portfolio from which brands can see and then contact you directly.  Payment is done through paypal by the way.

I am still new to this platform and I am exploring it but I am sure that some of those who will read this already have many followers and that will earn you better possibility to earn than even Nuffnang(uf yoy know what I mean).

Thanks for reading and don't forget to REGISTER TO WEBFLUENTIAL.

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