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Huion Offers Affordable Digital Drawing Tools

Huion is finally being introduced in the Philippines.  It is a product produced by Graphics Technology (HK) Limited which produced animation products and other handwritten input digitizer products.  With their partnership with American Technologies, Inc. (ATI) it will offer an affordable alternative to the usually very costly products related to digital drawing and animation.

The Huion Advantage


How much would you budget for a drawing tool?  Let's say the most basic drawing tool?  For some, Php5,000 will probably the entry level but now there is a more affordable option - Huion.  HUION K46 example, their entry drawing tablet can be yours for just Php2,290.  Imagine that price plus it is not just your ordinary drawing tablet because it is a quality drawing tool with 1 year warranty as well.

HUION 1060+


HUION 1060+ another great drawing tool is comparable to devices which can be found in the market costing above Php10K.  Do you know how much this Huion device is priced?  You can buy it for only Php5,890.

The Huion Pen Tablet monitor which allows you to draw directly on screen is only at Php39,890.  This is 10K lower than same products available in the market.

Partnership with Philippine Educational Partners

Huion entered with partnership with local education partners which includes Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE).  The aim of the partnership is to help develop an education among IT educators which will translate better skills for the younger generation.

Fatima University also signed a partnership with Huion PH and ATI.  This will be part of the university's continued commitment in providing quality education through high-tech devices like this.

Huion PH and the Animation Council of the Philippines also formalized their agreement.  Since drawing tools are very important for Filipino animators, having an affordable alternative is indeed a great news for everyone.

Availability and Pricing of Huion Products

Huion drawing tools which included pen tablets, drawing tablets, graphic tablets, tracing tablets and more will be available in the Philippine market soon.  ATI will be the sole distributor of the product in the Philippines.  You can visit their website at

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