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Ragnarok Online Philippines Cannot Login Server Down

Why can't you login in Raganarok Online Philippines? Why are Ragnarok Online Servers down?  This is perhaps your key questions since you cannot login to their severs since yesterday.  Servers will be up for a few hours only to have another maintenance afterwards.

Ragnarok Online Philippines Hacking Attack

According to a statement from the Facebook page of Ragnarok Online Philippines, they are experiencing a massive DDOS attack which caused their players to disconnect in-game and other login problems.

Ragnarok Online Philippines Team immediately act on the matter by securing the server and putting it in maintenance.  Their team together with other companies is said to be helping them to resolve the issue.

What is a DDOS atatck?

DDOS means Distributed Denial-of-Service.  It occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system.  In Ragnarok Online PH case this is the game server.  This happens when an attacker abuses a compromised system.  It then flood the system with artificial traffic causing it to shutdown.

How will a DDOS attack affect your Ragnarok account?

The extent of damage of such an attack depends on the purpose of the one sending the attack.  If it is not resolved quickly it can affect user accounts including deletion of account, loss of items and even shut down of the server.

If it unfortunate that Ragnarok Online Philippines did not install a DDOS protection system before hand.  This is an old method of attack and at this time there are already ways and tools to secure a server from suffering such an atatck.

Are you affected by the Ragnarok Online Philippines DDOS attack?  Share us your comments and feedback.

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