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TechReview PH visits GameCon,ph 2017

We had a chance to be invited as one of the media partners for last July 8 and 9, 2017.  The event was held at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2 and was attended by fellow gamers, cosplayers and enthusiasts.  It was a very successful event and we also have some positive things and some suggestions to add to the event as well so read on... is a very promising event

Aside from the usual PGF and ESGS, is a very promising event which welcomes its doors to new games and also to the public.  We are happy to see a retro game booth at the event which offers gaming experience on Family Computer, Nintendo DS and other old console.

The booth at the event includes game booth, free video game experience and educational institution which offers animation.  For a gaming enthusiasts this event offers something new plus an opportunity to pursue an interest related to gaming.  The entrance fee of 200 pesos is also not bad.

I am really amazed to see the Robo Wars.  Those amazing robots are really something that should be supported.  truly our technology is evolving fast.

Sharing this video from our friend at Game Seer PH.

Engagement and Event Activities

We arrived at the event at around 10:30am and the staff was very accomodating.  As we went inside we were welcomed by some large empty booths in which the exhibitors was not yet present.  There were also large spaces that seems to be nothing is going on.

As we tour around we thought that these places could have had something more busy going on.  We also noticed that most of the exhibitors was not really excited to welcome guests and would just entertain you when you approached their booth.

The most active booth at the event is Gaming Library which allows everyone to try their games for free.  Ragnarok Online Philippines also game free posters and installer CD and even had a raffle for everyone.

As for the Cosplay Competition, it was a bit confusing since we receive news that the rules are being changed right at the moment of the event.  There is also some sort of protest regarding the way the contest is decided. (Read this related article).  We have not actually watched the cosplay but we are sure that since this is their first time things will be better.

Some suggestions for 2018

If there will be a 2018 we would like to give some of our suggestions:

  • Make sure that all booths are opened and are interactive and functioning before noon.  This is to help entice more people to come in and to enjoy the event.
  • Stick to contest mechanics and rules.  People usually read mechanics online and they decide whether to join or not.  Changing the mechanics during the event itself will only create confusion plus you lose possible attendees have the mechanics been updated before hand.
  • Better website.  Not that we do not like the website but it is a bit confusing with all the animation.  Perhaps some people find it hard to navigate that is why they failed to see the beauty of the event.
  • Better partnerships.  It would be great to partner with game publishers that are also popular plus to partner with game groups in order to attract more people to the event.
  • More freebies.  If someone pays Php200 some would expect some sort of freebies.  It is best to advice gaming publishers to give something in-game so that the attendees will surely register in their game to avail of the freebies. is an event that is truly promising and we are looking forward to their next run.  Thanks for inviting Tech Review PH and see you again soon.

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