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iPhone 8 features and revelations

Apple will be revealing the iPhone 8 features in an event this September together with the launching of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.  So what are they key modifications and features of the new iPhone?  We heard some rumors that the iPhone 8 will have a revolutionary design and will attempt to create something new which will differentiate itself from the previous models.

Phone 8 Key Modifications and Features

Until it is finally revealed the iPhone 8 key modifications and features that we have here were from reliable sources who had either heard it from Apple or was privy to such discussion.

  • Edge-to-Edge Screen.
  • Removal of the Apple iconic Home Button.
  • Gesture based commands including the Home Button.
  • Face Recognition.
  • Touch ID.
  • Bigger display than 5.5-inch screen.
  • Better Battery Life

Why the sudden bold changes?

Let's admit it after Steve Jobs died some people,, wspeciallu those who patronage Apple just because of him are switching mobile phone brands.  These switching affects the financial stand of the company, thus, they wan to encourage them again.

Buyers are getting more sophisticated and they want something that hey can really use.  Battery life is still one of the determinant when buying a brand new phone.  Will this phone be able to accompany me to work and then back home.

What features do you want to see in iPhone 8.  Share is your comment. 

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