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Why delete your Sarahah Account?

A new app called SARAHAH gain instant popularity this month following its ability to receive messages from anyone anonymously.  We at Tech Review PH decided to try out the app after we came across it in our social media account and as we saw our friends use it.  This week however, we discovered new things.  Here is WHY YOU SHOULD DELETE YOUR SARAHAH ACCOUNT NOW.

Sarahah App Could Destroy Relationships

Although Sarahah allows people to send messages anonymously it does not prevent that person from reacting to that message and assuming who the sender is.  The problem with this is since the receiver is unsure about the sender he can accuse an innocent friend or family member which could result to an ultimate chaos.

Most social media people also posts messages received in their Sarahah app to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.  Whenever they post the messages there, they have an answer to the messages which makes the purpose of the app rather irrelevant.

The Biggest Reason Why You Should Delete Sarahah App

The ultimate reason why you should opt out of Sarahah App is because of security reasons.  It is said that the app breaches your privacy and uploads data to their server.  If ever you said YES to the app when it asks to give them access to your contacts then you could really be in trouble.

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Sarahah May Hijack Your Accounts

There are also reports that Sarahah apps hijacks social media accounts.  A certain user Earl John Oliveros reported that all of a sudden he can no longer access his social media account since the password was changed.

My Facebook feeds suddenly disappears and all I can see are Sarahah on the Newsfeed.  After that my mobile phone gets slower until it totally hangs.  Lucky for me that I was able to uninstall it via itunes.  I also lost my Facebook account and then retrieved it.

Sarahah might be an exciting app but like virus creators there are also app creators who create potentially trending apps in order to harvest and then make money out of those information.  So be very careful.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DELETE YOUR SARAHAH ACCOUNT NOW.

If you do encounter some problems with Sarahah app or want to share your experience please post it in the comments section below.

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