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Older People can Still be Techies - SM City Baliwag

SM City Baliwag proves that older people can still be techies during the celebration of Grand Parents Day at SM City Baliwag, September 10.  The event entitled  “Oldies but Techies” gathers 235 senior citizens of Baliwag in a one day tech event.

Learning More about Technology

It was a day of for the oldies to learn more about the newest technology. They prove to everyone that our dearest grannies can also adapt on this trendy aps and games over android and smart phones.

There were 235 senior citizens of Baliuag present during the activity headed by Mr. Oscar Villanueva OSCA President and Mr. Narciso Sta. Ana Juana FSCAP President.

Oppo and SM City Baliwag Supports Senior Citizens

SM City Baliwag had its partnership also with OPPO Mobile for Smartphones and Accessories headed by Mr. Jonel Tayag, Training Marketing Head and Irish Chloe Alejandro, Account Executive. As partners they initiated the fastest and easiest way of using smartphones and its techniques.

The grandparents all came very interested learned a lot and went home with a huge smile on their faces, proud to say that “we are OLDIES but then… we are techies!!!”

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