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Facebook Down Funniest Reactions

So Facebook Down is one of the trending topics today as both Facebook and Instagram goes down at around 9:00AM Eastern (12:00AM HKT).  People seem to panic and go crazy the moment they realized that their favorite social media network is down and everyone goes to Twitter to show how they feel.  Here are some of the funniest reactions we saw.

Facebook Down reactions

So people are going gaga about not having Facebook and they went to Twitter to show how they feel.  Let us show you some of them.

This one is probably one of my favorite.  I really laughed hard the first time I saw it.

This is another reaction which is a bit over the board but can't help but laugh. Do you have the same reaction as her?
So, if you are from Hogwarts or with a group of friends and you suddenly realized Facebook is down would you react the same way as below?
Please do not do this though...
This would probably the worst scenario ever in Facebook.
I am sure everyone will be doing this for quite a while and every time Facebook is down.
What about you? What is your reaction every time you encounter Facebook down or when your favorite site is having a problem? Share it with us in the comment section below.

By the way the Facebook Down problem lasted for about 30 minutes and as we finish this post seems like it's back. Ohhh... well not yet I think.

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